2 July 2017

Whiskered Tern

We just got back from a weeklong camping trip to north Hokkaido.

The above Whiskered Tern was right at the end of the trip near Hakodate. An uncommon passage visitor in this part of the world. Not a great photo but this is only the second one I've seen in Japan. As I've said before, terns are scarce in Hokkaido so it's always nice to see them.

I saw my first ever Whiskered Tern on Lake Tinaroo in FNQ about 23 years ago, I think this is only my 3rd one ever.

I have tons of photos to sort through, a daunting task.


  1. I can only imagine the quantity of pictures requiring editing. That, I guess, is one of the less agreeable side effects of digital photography.

    1. I only edit a few actually, it's the sorting and culling that takes forever........

  2. Congratulations on the Whiskered Tern !


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