31 July 2017

A bit of needle

A heavy crop of an Osprey carrying a needlefish this afternoon. An odd looking fish............must be tricky to swallow whole I'd imagine.

Not much else around. Grey Wagtails have appeared on the river near my flat. Nothing in Kamiiso except a few moulting Goosander. The heatwave is mercifully over and now it's normal summer weather. Pretty hot and humid as opposed to very hot and extremely humid.


  1. I like the way the Osprey is holding that fish. Looks like she/he has done it before and knows how best to deal with the problem.

  2. I have seen Ospreys carrying numerous species of fish, but I think this is the strangest.

  3. Quite big for a pipefish, too. All the fish look torpedo-like when carried by an Osprey !

    1. Never heard the name 'pipefish' before............


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