31 August 2012

Hot, Hotter, Hottest

Some Red Necked Stints on the beach at Kamiiso today. Not much else around: several Common Sandpiper, lots of Night Heron viewed on a different river through the train window, a lone Osprey for a brief few minutes.

A very hot August then, apparently the hottest in Hakodate for over 100 years.

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28 August 2012

2012 wader season continues

A young Osprey at Kamiiso yesterday.

I was on wader duty, another hot humid test of endurance. Only common species around but this Osprey was one of 2 youngsters practising fishing..........

I fired off an action sequence, shame it didn't emerge with a fish.........

There were lots of Red Necked Stints, 20 or 30 at least.

The only other waders around were several Common Sandpiper and this Grey Tailed Tattler.

This and the stints are the default waders in Japan.

Not much else around. The first Black Headed Gulls of the autumn, a flyover Peregrine..........

Did I mention it's still f***ing boiling hot?

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26 August 2012

And the heat continues........

A Whimbrel on the beach at Oshamanbe this afternoon.

Very hot and humid still, I'm getting all kinds of nasty little rashes and itches.

At least the wader season is well underway now. At Yakumo there were 4 Whimbrel, 3 Greenshank, 3 Terek Sandpiper, 1 Long Toed Stint, several Common Sandpiper, 1 Grey Tailed Tattler and 7 Black Tailed Godwit. A small flock of 10 or so small waders I saw very briefly were probably more Long Toed Stints. Other stuff included lots of all 3 common hirundines, 2 Great Egret, 1 Northern Hobby, 4 Osprey, various small birds passing through and a lone Kingfisher.

Up at Oshamanbe there weren't so many waders. I Red Necked Stint, 1 Eastern Curlew and this very tame Whimbrel.

On Friday I did the beach at Kamiiso but the only waders were a flock of 10 Terek Sandpiper and about a dozen or so Red Necked Stints..........nothing posed for the camera and then it started raining (a temporary respite from the heat at least).

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23 August 2012

A brief encounter on the beach

A Great Knot on the beach at Nanaehama this afternoon.

There were 2 of them, one was very tired and was resting most of the time.

It was limping slightly but it could fly and feed. Both individuals were very tame, some of these shots aren't cropped at all.

Actually I've noticed Great Knots always seem very tame. It's odd how some species are extremely shy (like Terek Sandpiper and Eastern Curlew for example) whereas other closely related species allow very close approach...........

No other waders around, just 1 Red Necked Stint.

Still hot and humid as hell.

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21 August 2012

The heat returns..........

A Red Necked Stint at Kamiiso yesterday, still showing some of its breeding plumage.

The waders have returned.

And so has the heat: very hot and humid, 32 outside and no escape to aircon here in Hokkaido either.

There were 5 stints on the beach.

The beach was filthy, the remains of dozens of barbecues from the holidays last week.

The stints were not exactly shy but they were a tad skittish.

The only other wader around was an even shyer Eastern Curlew. No shots of that worth posting.

God it was hot. And today is even hotter............

On Sunday we were in Sawara and Shikabe. The coast was foggy which meant the temperature was more bearable........but the light was crappy for the Japanese Green Pigeons.

There were  a few waders around. 2 Terek Sandpiper, 2 Red Necked Stint and this Greenshank.........

When Prior and Swann were in I thought we could do it.

Liverpool? Well what a great start to the season that was.

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