30 June 2014

29 June 2014

A lazy Sunday afternoon

After 5 days at the grindstone looking at the sunny weather outside I finally had a day off and the weather was crap again. Grey, misty, drizzly.

The above Japanese Green Pigeon was at its usual place near Shikabe, the flock was very skittish though and after an hour I gave up.

A bit bored at the moment.................summer is my least favourite season (even when England aren't being crap at major football tournaments) and we're now entering 6 or 7 weeks of mostly downtime. I was so bored I watched 'Pompeii' last night..............what a silly little movie that was. Actually judging by its shape and the large rocks scattered everywhere the volcano at Onuma must have had a huge eruption in historical times, wonder if there are any ash entombed Green Pigeons anywhere?

27 June 2014


A Black Browed Reed Warbler at Oshamabe and an Osprey at Yakumo last Monday.

Very busy this last week and despite the fine weather I couldn't get out much. Among the usual summer stuff I did notice an influx of Intermediate Egret into the ricefields though............

So work work work and a disastrous World Cup...............not the happiest June of my life!

18 June 2014

Some more Owls..................

I went back to the same forest on Monday and there was a different Ural Owl family in a different place.............

14 June 2014

2 weeks of nothing

Well it's been dark, foggy and drizzly for the last 12 days. The above Black Browed Reed Warbler was taken on this day just outside Hakodate 5 years ago (with my 400D/100-400). The weather was crap then too I see.

Hopefully I'll get out and about soon and take some pics, I'm also as busy as I've ever been workwise (I'm self employed so this is mainly a good thing).

Mind you my only immediate plan involves me getting up early tomorrow to shout and scream curses at the TV.

I may go to Onuma after the Italy game, perhaps both England and me won't have a fruitless visit to a humid mozzie infested forest.

3 June 2014

Stoners on the weed

We took a short trip to central Hokkaido last week. Not much birding, the highlight was a stop at Yakumo (near home) where there was a very tame pair of Siberian Stonechat.

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