8 August 2012

Quiet days continue

A Japanese Green Pigeon perched on a roadside wire just outside Hakodate last weekend.

A very quiet week, the humidity dropped slightly and I've been watching the Olympics on and off, wow some of the GB team are medal winning machines. Nice to see the footy team going out on penalties in the QF, where have I seen that before?

I got a new smartphone (the Galaxy S3) which has given me headaches trying to set up everything as I like.

Not much birdwise in town, no autumn waders yet. A Great Egret and a species of Snipe in the ricefields in Ono were most noteworthy species.

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  1. Nice green pigeon. I still haven't seen one. I got a smartphone last year and discovered some nice bird apps. Great to have their calls in your pocket. I recommend you look around. I enjoy playing with them while my wife is watching Japanese Tv. The only problem is that now I'm on my way to needing bifocals.

  2. A pity "GB" have followed England to footy shootout failure....

    The Green Pigeon is a handsome beast.

  3. That's something unusual for me seeing a green pigeon perching on a wire. Missing those colours...

  4. Thanks for the comments, yes it was weird to see one on a wire for a change...........the footy result was totally par for the course however.

    Your eyes sound as dodgy as mine do Russell......

  5. I don't tire of seeing those Green Pigeons, a bit more exciting than woodies. Everyone seems to be getting smartphones with apps, me I'm still on a cheapo Tesco Nokia Bog Standard phone - one of these wealthy pay days.

  6. I love this Japanese pigeon, much more beautiful than the European ones


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