31 July 2012

Too hot to do much

Not a very good picture but this heavy crop is one of a flock of White Throated Needletails at Yakumo on Sunday. They were with lots of Sand Martin and will be heading south soon.

Not  much else around. Great Crested Grebe offshore, Grays Grasshopper Warblers still singing in the bushes and all the common stuff feeding their young,

It's been very hot recently, not much going on. Too hot to go outside. Hot enough to wish I had an airconditioner.

After getting up to watch the opening ceremony I tried watching a bit of the actual Olympics but all that seems to be on here is judo...................the coverage here is a bit one eyed and you'd think Japan is the only nation competing.. I would say it is the same in most countries though.

Whatever, I haven't watched the Olympics in 20 years............still I managed to crack how to watch the coverage from the UK online. Shame all the interesting stuff will be on in the middle of the night.

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  1. "Too hot to do much" - love to be able to say that this summer Stu.

    Watched part of the opening ceremony and thought I'd dropped some Acid!!!! Surreal wasn't a word I was expecting to use about it



  2. Still a really nice species to photograph! I'd love to watch these huge swifts.

  3. Quality. I'd happily take one of those needle-tailed beauties!

  4. Doesn't seem all that long ago you had thick snow, frost and grey days. I'd love to see some of those exotic swift sp. Did see a needle tailed something or other many years ago.

  5. Thanks for the replies........

    Ayuwat-they are huge, actually when I saw the first one I almost thought it was a Hobby!

    Davo-I would have enjoyed it even more with a big fat joint...........maybe it would have made more sense.....

    Stuart-they were so close I could see the needles........well I could see them on my photos zoomed 100% at least.

    Phil-yes it was just over 5 months ago and we couldn't move for the snow.

  6. Needletails... perhaps they'll be down my way soon on their way to Australia...

    I am amazed at how many medals Team GB are racking up... this is what can happen when money is bunged at elite sport, to say nothing of the dedication of the athletes.

  7. Nice flight capture. Is it really big? Looks swallow sized in my mind. I was in oz for the first half of the Olympics and enjoyed the biased aussie coverage. I thought the only event was swimming. Now it seems there are different events altogether. Didn't see many aussie table tennis or badminton players. Miss the cool dry air and clear skies of home.

    The home team is doing pretty well now after a slow start.
    Wish cricket was included. What's the history of beach volleyball?


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