11 July 2012

A trip to the middle

A Siberian Rubythroat at the top pf a mountain in Tomamu this morning. There were loads of them singing near the top, a bit of a surprise as I'd always thought of them as a coastal grassland species.

We'd got up early and taken the ski-lift up to the top as my wife wanted to get above the mist and take some photos of it............this is the view (taken with my 100-400!).

It was the second ski-lift we'd been up on this short trip to central Hokkaido.

The previous 2 days we'd been camping near Asahikawa, my wife wanted to go the zoo.

The weather was terrible, heavy rain and grey skies all the time (at least it wasn't cold). We went up Kurodake in Daisetsuzan, a well known high altitude birding area. The mist and drizzle meant no photographs and we couldn't hike up to the top as the trails were too slippery. I had 3 target species to photograph (or at least see): Pine Grosbeak, Nutcracker and Japanese Accentor. I didn't connect with any of them. I did see a few things in the gloom..............Sooty Flycatcher, lots of singing Red Flanked Bluetail, Wren, Bullfinch.............I'll go back there in better weather for sure.

Other stuff on the trip included Little Cuckoo, Siberian Blue and Japanese Robin, Osprey and Hobby.

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  1. Stu -

    Magnificent landscape, and all the more dramatic in black and white ..

    (Originally typed "Black and White" with capitals - must have been thinking of terriers on bottles of Scotch - hic !)

  2. Yeah, the landscape is superb. Nice Ruby throat too. You're lucky to get to Asahikawa zoo. It's quite famous and has been recommended to me. Is it worth it? Super portrait of the bear.

  3. Always nice to see a rubythroat, especially against deep blue sky!

  4. Stunning landscape shot Stu. Pity there was not much birding weather the species sound very intruiging, especially Nutcracker long time no see.

  5. Nice photos Stewart, regardless of bad weather.The landscape is similar to the view I see from my bedroom window on a misty morning.
    Lovely shot of the white bear!

  6. 3 very nice shot Stu, all of them are interesting ;)

  7. Thanks for the comments.

    Russell-well it's OK I guess. I'm not really a zoo person (my wife was the one who wanted to go). Worth going to if you're in the area and the weather in the nearby mountains isn't so good.


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