23 August 2012

A brief encounter on the beach

A Great Knot on the beach at Nanaehama this afternoon.

There were 2 of them, one was very tired and was resting most of the time.

It was limping slightly but it could fly and feed. Both individuals were very tame, some of these shots aren't cropped at all.

Actually I've noticed Great Knots always seem very tame. It's odd how some species are extremely shy (like Terek Sandpiper and Eastern Curlew for example) whereas other closely related species allow very close approach...........

No other waders around, just 1 Red Necked Stint.

Still hot and humid as hell.

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  1. Superb pictures Stu. I reckon those photos would be hard to beat.

  2. RN Stint and then Great Knot! You know how to grip off UK based birders!

  3. Graceful photographs with the fine surf in the frame. Dig those a lot. I don't think I've ever managed to get that close to any kind of wader.

  4. Thanks for the comments..........

    Stuart-I got excited when I found a Red Knot on the beach last year..........

    Russell-dunno if you live near the coast or not but if you do just check out the quieter beaches........you'll be surprised at what you can find and how close you can get if you move slowly and sit down on the sand.


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