15 August 2012


An Osprey in Shireuchi this afternoon.

It's been another dull week, I was hoping to see some waders today but there were absolutely none about anywhere. On Sunday I saw Terek Sandpiper, Grey Tailed Tattler and a curlew species (probably Eastern Curlew) at Yakumo and more Tereks at Kamiiso but today was a waderless day.

Not much else happening. A Peregrine was a good bird to see from the balcony and there were 10 or so Great Egrets at Yakumo. My main wildlife experience this week involved mosquitoes.........I have 6 HUGE red itchy bites on my right foot/leg and I have no idea where the deed took place, I suspect it was from when we were drinking beer on the balcony last Saturday and there was a delayed reaction. Mozzies are not so common in town, maybe it was a different species from the ones in the forest at Onuma..........my god if so it is even worse.

I start a new 10 month job next week, nothing particularly noteworthy about it except it will be the first time in over 10 years I'll wear 'business' atire. I had to buy the full set on Monday.............I did have a tie somewhere but it's lost and my old shirts/pants wouldn't fit anymore even if I could find them. It is only 1 afternoon a week and the whole of my first month's salary was spent on the clothes and some new shoes.

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  1. I find insect bites easier to deal with if I can remember where I got them....

    Hope the new job works out well.... sounds like you'll still have time to keep us entertained with bird photos !

  2. I was bitten on my front and back by something unknown at the beginning of summer and it took about six weeks for the bites to cure. I still have light scars. They were so itchy and score and I had to keep putting some unknown (japanese labelled) ointment all over them to stop me crawling over the ceilings. I remember buying a suit for an interview and the next time I had to wear it 6 months later, I was already too fat...
    Nice Osprey! Man, have I bought some suits the last ten years.
    I think I'm a winter man, these days.

  3. I hate mosquitoes ;-) Hope the new job is gonna be nice and not too tiring... Nice pictures of the day and I feel a bit like you with birdies at the moment, no camera (in repair) and no birdies to see around. the place is empty!


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