28 August 2012

2012 wader season continues

A young Osprey at Kamiiso yesterday.

I was on wader duty, another hot humid test of endurance. Only common species around but this Osprey was one of 2 youngsters practising fishing..........

I fired off an action sequence, shame it didn't emerge with a fish.........

There were lots of Red Necked Stints, 20 or 30 at least.

The only other waders around were several Common Sandpiper and this Grey Tailed Tattler.

This and the stints are the default waders in Japan.

Not much else around. The first Black Headed Gulls of the autumn, a flyover Peregrine..........

Did I mention it's still f***ing boiling hot?

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  1. Glad you braved the heat; - perhaps we'll see them down here soon !

  2. Superb action shots against the water Stuart.

  3. That tattler yawn is amazing! In the bad old twitching days I went to see the one at Burghead on the Moray coast (next to a distillery - how's that for racial stereotyping?). It was about 1993 or 4 I think. It was a 2nd for Britain and found by the same guy who found the first one in Wales! (Apologies if I have put this story in comments before but the senility is creeping in).
    Nice Osprey shots - I can only get really crap distant shots although one effort does have a cock Caper in it higher up in the trees than the Osprey!

  4. Excellent series of the osprey. The eye is perfectly clear which is not easy to manage in such sequences. The waders are mighty handsome too, but I'm just too dainty and weak in this weather to brave what's out there.

  5. Thanks for the comments.

    Stuart-I did a double take when you wrote 'cock caper'! Ah you meant a male gamebird............

    Ruseell-c'mon and man up, you come from a baking hot suntrap of a country, Japan should be a doddle........

  6. LOL! Must be more careful with abbreviations!
    What I meant to say was male Tetrao urogallus and not niche adult entertainment.

  7. Wow great shots of the Osprey, Stu!
    I've never got the chance to see them fishing that close.

  8. It's been to long since i stopped by! Those image are really nice, i specially like the osprey ;)


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