21 August 2012

The heat returns..........

A Red Necked Stint at Kamiiso yesterday, still showing some of its breeding plumage.

The waders have returned.

And so has the heat: very hot and humid, 32 outside and no escape to aircon here in Hokkaido either.

There were 5 stints on the beach.

The beach was filthy, the remains of dozens of barbecues from the holidays last week.

The stints were not exactly shy but they were a tad skittish.

The only other wader around was an even shyer Eastern Curlew. No shots of that worth posting.

God it was hot. And today is even hotter............

On Sunday we were in Sawara and Shikabe. The coast was foggy which meant the temperature was more bearable........but the light was crappy for the Japanese Green Pigeons.

There were  a few waders around. 2 Terek Sandpiper, 2 Red Necked Stint and this Greenshank.........

When Prior and Swann were in I thought we could do it.

Liverpool? Well what a great start to the season that was.

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  1. Very strange this heat waves everywhere. We are probably facing a warming event ;-) Nice pics today and I definitively love your pigeon even with foggy light ;-)

  2. Those RN Stints are really smart. I would settle for a nice shot of a Little here!
    Just been at Birdfair where it was about 30 degrees - pasty Scots are not designed for that heat and humidity.

  3. Nice collection of Red-necked Stint shots... it crossed my mind that the one with a clean, white throat might be a Little Stint..... but they're too hard for me in all but maximum breeding plumage.

    Green Pigeons, always a winner !

  4. Thanks for the comments.

    Chris-the fog was like natural aircon.

    Stuart-well I'm from NW England and hence not far behind the Scots in the pasty stakes so I sympathise with you.

    John-I'm not 100% sure how to tell them apart either.

  5. Great serie,! Im very impressed by the pigeon's, they are so nice compared to ours ;)

  6. Hello Stuart

    This is Rose emailing you from your Mum and Dad's in Preston on her IPad.

    Follow your bird photos, and your news, hope all is well with you both.

  7. Hi Rose, an ipad eh? Nice............hope you and Alan are well.


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