16 July 2017

Too hot to do much

 Last week saw high temperatures in south Hokkaido..........

I was too lazy to do much local birding...............

There were still Rhinoceros Auklets around so it's safe to say they must be breeding locally. Not so many inshore now, the fish must have moved I guess. These shots were from around a week ago.

Otherwise very quiet near my flat, these Bullheaded Shrike were from earlier in the month..........

It rained all day today, now it's stopped and the temperature is already climbing...............and our fridge is almost broken (or dying).Most of the day was spent in a store ordering a new fridge (the store was air conditioned so that was OK).


  1. Summer heat can be a pain in the ass. I can handle winter's cold far better than oppressive heat and humidity. On the coldest day I can layer up and stay warm but escaping heat is almost impossible.
    You'll need your fridge with all the heat. There's nothing worse than warm Chablis!

    1. We have a standalone beer cooler..........so all is not lost.

  2. That's an interesting beak on the Bull-headed Shrike, not to mention the protuberance on the Rhinoceros Auklet. (Never knew there was an Auklet, let alone a Rhinoceros variety!) Re the heat situation, I guess you probably don't need to use the fridge during your winter. I think I would die, if I tried to shoot birds in sub-zero temps. Fortunately, the summers are taken care of now that the landlord had reverse-cycle air-conditioners fitted to the 3 flats here. The rent hasn't gone up, either.......yet.

    1. About 3 or 4 weeks a year I really wish we had aircon...........


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