18 July 2017

Some Ospreys on a rock.................

We returned to the location of The Osprey nest to see if the young had left the nest.................

One of them had.

When we arrived an adult (presumably the female) and one of its offspring were sitting on a rock away from the nest. The youngster had flown down to it before we arrived.

As you can see the mother had a fish. I guess she had caught it and whilst calling to her youngand was using it as bait for the (soon to be) fledgelings to leave the nest. One of them had answered her calls..............

The other 2 chicks remained in the nest further out to sea. They were either lazy, cowardly or too young to fly yet.

Nothing happened......they just sat on the rocks for about an hour.


  1. Hello Stuart!:) These are all amazing shots. Such beautiful raptures. The 9th image down is an unusual shot,...the youngster looks like he's got his head on back to front.:) You are so lucky to see them!

  2. Terrific pictures Stu. There is a size difference there I think. I don't know much about Ospreys but if they are like other raptors, the female is always larger than the male.

    1. I think the young one may be a male then..........


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