6 July 2017

Brown Hawk Owl

On the way back from north Hokkaido we stopped off near Tomakomai..............

At Mukawa there were a few birds around: Eastern Marsh Harrier and Middendorffs Warbler being the most interesting. We'd heard of some Brown Hawk Owls in a park on the edge of town and as it would have been a lifer for me and it was more or less on the way home we decided to look for them.............

Luckily we saw a small group of photographers pointing big lenses at something  so we could easily find them and I could quickly take a few shots.

High ISO, handheld in a shady forest...........I wasn't really prepared.


  1. Prepared or not, you did well, and certainly a great bird to add to your life list.

    1. Thanks David. I'd heard it several times before but this was the first time to actually see it............

  2. Great bird ! - A "difficult" passage migrant here.


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