1 May 2017

Caspian Tern

I had a very nice surprise the other day. A Caspian Tern showed up......................

This is pretty rare in Japan and very rare in Hokkaido.

I saw another one in Asabu 11 years ago but that was before I got into photography. It was nice to see another one........................

I've also seen this species in Australia. In fact it was the first bird I saw there, a flock of them in a grass verge in a roundabout near Cairns airport.

Don't expect to be seeing many flocks of them here though.


  1. Great find ! The surf makes a nice BG too.

  2. It's a common species here at this time of the year.

    1. Actually terns of any description are scarce in northern Japan.

      No species breed up here, In Hokkaido only Common Terns are regular passage visitors (usually offshore and anyway they are not particularly common either) and every others type of tern is basically a bit of a rarity and Caspian more so than most.


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