31 May 2017

A Late Spring Trip #1

We just got back from a 3 day trip.....................

I have lots of photos to sort through, these pics of a Japanese Bush Warbler were from the first day.

This is an abundant summer visitor to Hokkaido and its' distinctive song can be hear everywhere.

As the name suggests they spend a lot of the time in bushes. Often they are tricky to see but sometimes they come out in the open like this one.

The first Grays Grasshopper Warblers of the year were also singing nearby (now that is the champion skulker among all the little brown birds of summer).

Not much else in Yakumo/Oshamanbe. Eastern Marsh Harriers, Ospreys and the usual common summer stuff only. We then headed to Lake Shikotsu......................


  1. Hello Stuart! I hope you had a good trip!:) These are lovely shots of the Japanese Reed Warbler.


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