17 May 2017

Another cold misty day in Onuma

Monday's weather was cold and misty again...............

We did manage to find a pair of Treecreepers building a nest...............

They exchanged food, is this some kind of courtship behaviour?

Very dark, up at ISO 1600 again.

In a couple of weeks, as the leaves and canopy grow, it'll be too dark to do any photography in this place.........

It was nice to get some clear shots of this species despite the poor light.

Here are a couple of other forest dwellers, a Russet Sparrow and a Grey-headed Woodpecker.

Other stuff around included a flyover Hobby, 1 or 2 Osprey, Blue and White Flycatcher, Eastern Crowned Warbler and the usual common stuff.


  1. The series of the Treecreepers building the nest is quite spectacular in my opinion. It is not often we get to see this kind of sequential detail.

    1. Thanks David, I'd never really witnessed it before.........

  2. Great pics. Treecreepers are difficult subjects and you've managed to get them doing interesting stuff.


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