15 May 2017

On this day (May 15th)...............

May 15th 2014.

An immature Hooded Crane near Oshamanbe 3 years ago today.

This was a nice find but was not such a big surprise: we'd seen one the previous autumn in Yakumo and presumably this was the same individual. It occurs in large flocks in the deep south of Japan but in Hokkaido it is a bit of a rarity...............


  1. I was recently looking at a variety for sources for information on a couple of Asian species and it registered on me that Japan has a wonderful array of birds in regions other than Hokkaido, but you never seem to visit them. Is there some reason for this? If it's none of my business don't hesitate to tell me so!

    1. Simple answer: it's expensive to travel around Japan and I don't have so much money..............

      We'd probably explore the north of the main island more (Honshu) but it's expensive to take the car across so we stick to Hokkaido. I'll get around to visiting some of the offshore islands in the south one day but like I say it isn't cheap to go there sadly.


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