4 May 2017

Another failed early rise

I was up at 5am again this morning. Surely there would be some interesting migrants in the park?


There was only a single Eastern Crowned Warbler on the river and a lone Japanese Bush Warbler in the park, an Osprey flew overhead briefly and there were still a few Dusky Thrush about. The wrynecks were still calling in the park but were high up in the trees, the one near my apartment was also calling but I couldn't see it.

Red-cheeked Starlings were everywhere though............and it was another beautiful warm spring day. Maybe we need some nasty weather to bring some new birds.............


  1. Trust a birder to wish for nasty weather on the holidays. The birds you have decsribed are nice enough and so is your picture.

  2. Attractive bird in the best possible of settings...


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