19 May 2017

Some summer plumaged Divers...........

A very warm spring day saw us out west today..................

In one of the ports there were a couple of Divers. I think these are Black-throated, they have big bills and the white markings on the flanks. This one had a greenish tinge to its throat too.

This is the other one, I think it's another Black-throated although I did think it might be a Pacific for a moment.

It was my first time to get close to Divers with a decent lens in their summer plumage..........


  1. Super pics Stu. As you know, unless we go to Scotland we never ever see them in summer plum.

    1. I've never seen one in the UK, in summer or winter plumage.........

  2. Very handsome birds indeed. I have fond memories of seeing them on Scottish lochs.

  3. The divers look great - only ever seen in winter plumage down here in HK


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