12 May 2017

2017: not a vintage spring migration season

It's been rather a quiet spring migration in Hakodate this year...................

I don't know why, I guess it's a combination of many factors, Weather? Winds? Fewer birds than normal? I looked through my old photos and there was another similarly quiet one in 2010. Maybe I just was in the wrong places at the wrong times.........perhaps I just missed lots of stuff. Who knows?

Only common stuff in town recently, there were no passage  passerines of note this week. The Oriental Reed Warblers arrived a few days ago and common stuff like the above Black-faced Bunting are all present and correct .

The first ricefields are being irrigated now and at least there was a flock of 10 or so Wood Sandpipers this afternoon............a bit far off for any good photos though.

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