2 May 2017


We were out west in beautiful spring weather yesterday...............

The above Japanese White-eye was in a well-known cherry blossom park on the west coast. I gave the blooms a miss for the most part and headed up the hillside hoping to find some migrants. There were a few interesting things around: a flock of Crossbill, some Rustic Bunting, Eastern Crowned Warbler, Japanese Thrush but nothing posing for the camera.

Apart from the white-eyes, the most common passage migrants on view were Dusky Thrush.

Further up the coast there were Ospreys as usual.............

Several weeks ago I was surprised to find a couple of Black-throated Divers close inshore..........I had assumed they'd moved on but I was wrong.

Other stuff around included 4 Whimbrel and 4 Great Egret at Kikonai, a few Brent Goose still around and some Sand Martin near Hakodate..................


  1. Looks like a great day out. When I visited Hong Kong and Taiwan recently those little Japanese White-eyes seemed to enliven every day. I never got tired of seeing them.

  2. Great Osprey and Dusky Thrush...Divers are great, too.


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