9 May 2017

On this day (May 9th)..................

May 9th 2012.

A Narcissus Flycatcher in one of the local parks 5 years ago today.

This is one of the most attractive of the local summer visitors and on this day I got it doing something interesting and with a nice background to boot..........................

They haven't visited the local parks much the last 2 or 3 springs (or maybe I just missed them), I haven't seen any in town this year at all.


  1. A poor spring here for Narcissus Flycatchers... nice shot !

    1. Thanks John, it has been so clear and sunny recently I think they just passed straight through to their breeding sites in the nearby mountains and forests........

  2. Fabuous image Stuart. I am sorry these days I do not have the same time to comment on all your posts due to recent events but I appreaciae you posts and your comments on mine.


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