30 April 2017

Kingfisher and other stuff

A Kingfisher near Yakumo this afternoon.................

A pretty quiet day, not much around in Yakumo: Osprey, Peregrine, Great and Little Egrets, lots of Pintail and Teal but no waders anywhere.

We headed inland a bit and saw this Kingfisher.

Also around were lots of Eastern Crowned Warbler and also Pale Thrush. At Mori there were some White-eyes in the sakura.

Nearer home it was nice to see the several of the East Asian race of Common Gull in full breeding plumage.........


  1. I am looking forward to seeing a few Kingfishers. The young ones are easier to get close to than the adults.

  2. Are the Kingfishers likely to be feeding young in Hokkaido or is it too early for that ?

    1. Too early AFAIK, the pond it was fishing in was frozen only a few weeks ago...........


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