7 April 2017

On this day (April 7th)......................

April 7th 2014.

Bohemian (top) and Japanese (bottom) Waxwings in town 3 years ago today.

There was a mixed flock of them in the trees next to the river near my place. Early 2014 saw several big invasions of both species into Hakodate.

Strange to see them not eating red berries on a cols winter day.


  1. April 7th? Then I remembered where you are. Waxwings long gone from here Stu. just loads of willys to come any day soon.

  2. You're so lucky. I've only seen Bohemian once and never the Japanese. They are splendid birds.

    1. Hi Russell, that's surprising, I'd always thought Japanese Waxwings were more common where you are......


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