16 April 2017

A double dose of LRP/LPR

Well I didn't find any Hoopoes today, in fact the birding was pretty quiet but I did manage to photograph this Little Ringed Plover up close. Many birders call it 'LRP' because they can't be bothered to write or type it.

LPR  stands for Laryngopharyngeal Reflux,a condition which I think I've been suffering from for a while. Sore throat and hoarse voice....I'm a bit tired of it. In fact I'm going to the doctor tomorrow.

I know how to say LRP in Japanese, looks like I'll have to learn the LPR word too.


  1. Honey, lemon and Famous Grouse cures many ills. Drink enough and you'll see 2 LRPs.

    1. Alcohol and citric acid are supposed to make it worse!

  2. Saw the LRP !!! in Mallorca, leading me away from it's nest with the broken wing con.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Russell, a bit cryptic but I think I understand!


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