30 March 2017


The sick looking Black Scoter we saw over a week ago was still there...............

And it seemed to be fine.

I was expecting to find nothing except maybe a few black feathers.

Whatever it was suffering from it had got over it and survived..............

Early in the morning in Onuma it was rather cold with (hopefully) the last snow of the winter. The usual stuff was around including Smew and White-tailed Eagle and this Great Egret.

At Yakumo there were huge numbers of duck. Mainly Pintail but I did find 1 female Baikal Teal among them (no photo though). I got my first Eastern Marsh Harrier of the year and there were also groups of Whooper Swan and White-fronted Geese on their way north.

My wife was hoping to photograph the group of Long-tailed Tits which we'd seen there last time. We did briefly see them..............

This one appeared to be on lookout duty.


  1. You need a "cuteness filter" for those LT Tits !

    1. The Japanese love cute things hence this species is a popular target for Japanese bird photographers.........

  2. Replies
    1. My wife was too..............she had spent the whole week before worrying about it.


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