6 March 2017

It hadn't left............

We spent the day in Onuma...............

The female Ring-necked Duck (top) that I'd seen in January was there again. This is a pretty rare bird in Japan, a vagrant from America. I guess it must have been in the area all winter then. Or was it on its way back north (or east or whatever, it is a vagrant after all) and chose to stop at Onuma again? Who knows..............

The lake is starting to thaw slightly. There were a dozen or so Smew, very shy as always.

Also around was my first Mandarin Duck of 'summer', Great-crested Grebe and a drake Red-breasted Merganser, a bird I'd never seen on the lake before.

A lone White-tailed Eagle kept its eye on the ducks.

The flock of Whooper Swans was still there of course.

Is that a Bewicks Swan with them? Or just a tick of perspective?

Grey Herons have returned too.................


  1. Your swan looks Bewicky to me Stu.
    Don't often see smew in flight shots and it's a long time since I saw a proper job male in the flesh, well feathers.



    1. Smew are so skittish I mostly see the back of them as they fly away........

  2. There are many people, including me, who would love to see one male Smew, let alone a small flock. I don' t think I have ever seen a flight shot of Smew before so kudos to you for that.

    1. I'm surprised by your comment and the one above........they always fly off as soon as they see me!


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