27 March 2017

Some spring Woodpeckers

There were a lot of woodpeckers at Onuma today................

This is a female Black Woodpecker, one of the local specialties at Onuma.

All portrait mode as you can see, the 500 does not work well with long birds close up..............

It's fine with Japanese Pygmy Woodpeckers though.

White-backed Woodpeckers are possibly the scarcest of the 5 local species and I don't really have any good shots of them. This one was fairly close but in the shade and behind some twigs and other obstructions.

No photos of the other 2 species (Grey-headed and Great-spotted) but they were around.............

Also around were Smew, White-tailed Eagle and the usual common stuff.


  1. Great series on these woodpeckers. My dearest hope is for Black Woodpecker in Europe later this year, but I did see White-backed Woodpecker in Taiwan last month.

  2. Good that you still have 5 woodpeckers Stu. Around here we have just one now since both Lesser-spotted and Green Woodpecker are now extremely rare and very scarce respectively.

    1. Never saw either much in the NW........I used to see Green Woodpeckers at Leighton Moss.


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