3 March 2017


Very mild weather yesterday saw us head west...................

The time of large eagle concentrations have passed. At this time of year there are still a few single White-tailed Eagles dotted around the coasts, soon they will be heading north. The above one was perched in some trees near a port and flew off as soon as it saw me.

Another typical sight in  March are Whooper Swans in the snowy fields............

And suddenly at this time of tear Red-breasted Mergansers are everywhere on the coasts.

There were flocks of Brent Goose, a few Slavonian Grebe here and there, some unidentified divers offshore: the usual early March stuff.


  1. Hi Stuart

    Great blog, I'm very jealous of the amazing bird life you have in Hokkaido! Is there any chance of seeing Stellar's Sea Eagle in or near Hakodate this week (I'm guessing that they might have left already)? I had very distant views of two in Abashiri last week and am hoping to improve on this before my holiday ends. Anything else (bird wise) worth checking out in Hakodate at this time of year? Thank you very much - Nick

    1. I saw one today flying over the port in Esan.............but most of them have left by now I think.

      A bit quiet birdwise in town this winter but you could go to Onuma to see Smew and maybe some other stuff. Anywhere near the sea in Hakodate may (or may not!) have a few interesting birds, Yachigashira usually has Brent Goose and Harlequin Duck. The park in Yunokawa (Kosetsuen) is worth a look at this time of year too..........

  2. Hi Stuart

    I'll keep my fingers crossed, but it looks like I have a good excuse to come back next year :-) Thank you for the other locations, if I have time I will take a look.

    Cheers - Nick

    1. Good luck Nick, hope you see something interesting..............


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