20 March 2017

A visitor from Russia

There were still a few White-tailed Eagles scattered around north of town.................

The regular overwintering flock of Dunlin was near Oshamanbe on Sunday.................

As you can see one is colour-ringed. The yellow/black combination shows it was ringed in Kamchatka in the far NE of Russia. Every year I see this bird (if it's the same one, I've never been able to read the ring clearly).

They were still in winter plumage...........

Pretty quiet up in Oshamanbe, nothing in the ports except Scaup, a few Goldeneye and the usual winter gulls. The snowy fields had a few swans: mostly Whoopers but there were at least 2 Bewicks among them.


  1. It's interesting that you see a bird with this colour combination each year. Would certainly make you think it's the same individual.How long have you been seeing it? Does that correspond with the normal life span of the species?

    1. I've seen it the last 3 years I think, I suppose I ought to try to contact someone to let them know about it, there can't be too many bird ringers in Kamchatka after all.

  2. Should be reportable online ? EAAF flyway website or their FB page perhaps... Ours are reported via the HK birdwatching society website....


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