5 March 2017

Some Redpolls

We went back to the place where we'd seen the Asian Rosy Finches last week but they had long since disappeared.

There were some Redpolls though..........

We saw another flock further down the coast: there must have been a small influx of them.

They were very wary however........

I walked around a grassland and sand dune area well-known for raptors. There have been several Gyrfalcon rumours and if one had come to the area it eluded me today. I did get a flyover immature White-tailed Eagle however............


  1. Replies
    1. Before these i'd seen the grand total of one..............

  2. I'd be pretty happy with such a flyover. I haven't seen any White-tails this year.

    1. Thanks Russell, you should come up here one winter then!


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