14 March 2010

Red Throated Diver and some old friends..........

We headed over to Kamiso this morning to check the harbour again. Yesterday had been very very windy and the Red Throated Diver must have taken refuge in the relative calm of the harbour. I could even take this video. handheld out of the car. This is the original with terrible sound (it was very windy and I think my hand was touching the camera's internal microphone).

And here it is with the sound replaced by some sound effects.........

It looked absolutely knackered. And some of its beak appears to be missing, look at he lower mandible..........

There were hardly any fisherman on the harbour side, we got some great shots of the Black Necked Grebes which I'll post in a day or two. I filled up a 16GB card again, including the shots from earlier in the week I have about 1500 photos on my hard drive to sort through. And I already deleted all the obviously bad ones..............

There were 2 Red Necked Grebes today as well as the various duck species which today also included a few very wary Wigeon. My wife was sick of the harbour so we headed over to Onuma to feed the Nuthatches and Tits.

Our clapped out old banger of a car was making all kinds of worrying noises and we decided to head home.............it may be a while before we see the Nuthatches again..........

I  now have to sort through all those Black Necked Grebe photos. I swear I spend more time processing photos than taking them, sometimes it almost feels like 'work'. If only I could get paid for this!



  1. Hahaha the video and the sound effect seem to fit very well!
    I want to see one of those divers too...

  2. Great little videos Steve. If only we could see them so close, apart from one that spent some days on Fairhaven Lake a couple of years ago.

  3. Hi,
    I kid of understand the problem of post-treating, when you have many pictures it really feels like work!! But come on, your pictures are all splendid so the values is there and you just need to put a bit of effort in it ;-)
    The divers are superb, even if I sue to see them in nuptial colors, pretty strange to see them in winter plumage!
    but the best you kept for the end... The nuthatch and chickadees pictures are just fantastic... The background is perfect and the sharpness just wonderful... Those are perfect shots mate!!!

    Sorry for Liverpool but it looks like Lille was better one the first match... I hope they will hold at Liverpool... Sorry!

  4. Hi Phil, my name is actually Stu, not Steve..........son't worry I'm not offended as it's a common mistake! I remember trying to get both Red Necked and Grey Pharalope at Fairhaven one time but they'd both gone by the time I made it there............

    Hi Chris, I didn't see the Lille game but I'm sure Liverpool didn't deserve anything. With Lyon knocking out Real Madrid French football is looking pretty good, shame you have a madman as national coach though!


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