12 March 2010

On this day (March 12th)....................

March 12th 2008.

Female Black Woodpecker at Onuma.

One of the local specialties, they can be seen at many locales in south Hokkaido.

This is a regularly seen species in early spring at Onuma, this female was especially tame as she flitted around the forest checking out nestholes. The male was also around but for some reason is always much more wary............



  1. Beautiful woodpecker photograph. Would love to see one of these. I can't get within reach of most woodies.

  2. Nice photo. Woodpeckers are such interesting birds. None in Australia, as new research suggests out harder woods and low protein ants?????

  3. Hi Richard. Really? I always wondered why there were no Woodpeckers down under, they tend to be sedentary so I assumed they'd just never island hopped to northern Australia. Harder wood makes sense though.

  4. Nice pictures of a fantastic bird! Well done, next timeyou will get the male ;-)


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