23 March 2010

On this day (March 23rd)....................

March 23rd 2009.

A female (or immature?) Common Crossbill in the park near my flat. This photo is uncropped, this was an incredibly tame individual that completely ignored me as it went about its business. I was kneeling down in the mud taking this shot...........

In Crossbill invasion years like 2009 the Crossbills tend to come to the ground more from late March as they have often exhausted the pine cone supplies up high on the tree.



  1. Hi SCE
    Brilliant! The needles and cones are a nice touch.
    I have only seen them on the ground once - drinking from a puddle.
    all the best

  2. Hi Stuart, I have drinking from a puddle shots from the same day as this one..................I'm sure I'll post them on March 23 2011.........

  3. Excellent shot of what looks like a female! It is nice that you got to see them again. They can be very curious too sometime!

  4. Hi Chris, this was from 1 year ago today............I still haven't seen any this year.

  5. Likewise,I only ever see them in the trees, but they do say to look near pools and puddles to get a good look like your photo.

  6. Hi Stuart!
    Nice pic, looks female... could that be?


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