2 March 2010

On this day (March 2nd)....................

March 2nd 2008.

The Waxwing influx was rather late in 2008 and consisted of only one species, the Bohemian Waxwing. They only stayed a few hours but I got lucky and fired off some shots, shame the light was so poor.

They love sitting on these TV aerials. Once every few minutes they swarm down to pick up some berries. Of course we don't know which tree they'll choose, on a tree lined street this can be frustrating. They don't mind hopping around the feet of uninterested pedestrians either but if you want to take photos of them they fly off in a huff.



  1. Wow! That's a big group of Waxwings. I saw just one last year hangin' out with sparrows on a busy street. They should be arriving sometime this week and I hope the rain will ease by the weekend and I'll get some shots.

  2. Hi Russell. hope you have better luck down there than up here, not a single one this winter and I haven't noticed any pics on the various other birding blogs in Japan I regularly check.........

  3. So I guess you did not get them this year did you?
    We did not neither and the big influx did not happen in northern France neither. Maybe a bad year for them. Your picture is very nice.

  4. Hi Chris, there are occasional years they don't arrive. 3 or 4 winters ago they never came. I guess they've just find food elsewhere or like you suggest they had a poor breeding season. There are 2 species however and neither showed so perhaps it was a mix of the weather and food supplies.......


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