3 March 2010


Not much in the way of new birds in Hakodate this week, there were however a couple of small flocks of Hawfinches eating berries which had been revealed by the melting snow..............

It was nice to see them on the ground.

Usually they're up in the trees............

They are very shy birds but a couple of individuals were slightly bolder than the rest.

Several Dusky Thrush were in the same tiny park.

Not much else in town, no sign of Crossbills or other winter finches. A very skittish Great Egret was on the river.......

And the Common Teal have started displaying with their weird whistling calls. Here's a drake on the local river..............



  1. Hi,
    I Love the hawfinch pictures, especially the 2,3 and 4. The dusky trush is a funny one that I did not know and the picture is also nice. Common teal have been staying all year around here nowadays... Funny to see that you are getting them too! A beautiful post once again!

  2. love the shots of the hawfinches. very sharp.

  3. Wow I've never succeeded in getting close to Hawfinches like that before.
    Still waiting to get more shots of this species.

    Love that teal shot also! Seems like he's in his perfect breeding plumage.

  4. Wow! Excellent photos and I think those Hawfinches look cool. (Man, I hope it's not raining again this weekend)

  5. Superb Hawfinch pictures, especially the 6th one. Lovely Great White too.


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