10 March 2010

More harbourside birds.............

3 of the species in the harbour at Kamiso this morning. Red Necked Grebe, Black Necked Grebe and Red Breasted Merganser.

It was dark and snowing but the harbour was full of birds. They were chasing fish around and the flocks followed the food. The Red Necked Grebe came very close...........

Shame it was still in winter plumage but it's still by far the best photo opp I've had for this species.

There was also a lone Slavonian Grebe (too far off for a decent photo and that was in winter colours too) and about 50-60 Black Necked Grebes, many of which were changing into their summer best.

The harbour at Kamiso is much bigger than at Shikabe and a lot of the time the birds were out in the middle and a little far off........

The reason for the concentration of birds appeared to be the fact there were lots of small fish in the harbour........

The Grebes didn't have it all their own way, I saw a Slaty Backed Gull eating a very fresh looking Black Necked Grebe corpse.

The next commonest species in the harbour was Red Breasted Merganser.

And of course there were some Scaup.

Other stuff included Goldenye, a surprise flyover Osprey (very early, I've never seen them in March before) and this male Shoveler.

Another species I haven't photographed so much and one I'd forgotten how beautiful it was.

This Glaucous Gull was eating the Grebe.......

We'd only gone to the harbour by accident, we had intended to spend the day at Onuma.

The weather was really nasty there, this Nuthatch was the only thing to photograph. The Owl wasn't at home and visibility was so poor we couldn't check to see if there were any eagles on the ice.

This adult White Tailed Eagle was in Kamsio however.........

So no way Liverpool will finish 4th this season, I've given up on that. If we did finish 4th it would mean Benitez would stay and I don't think that is a good thing.

I watched 'The Descent Part 2' which was laughably bad (I rather liked the first one) and am halfway through 'The Hangover' which seems pretty funny so far.

So after a very quiet last few weeks the birding has picked up, hopefully we'll get a good spring. I'll try he harbour again at Kamiso, maybe a couple of visits over the next week or so and hopefully with some sunshine...........



  1. Wow what a nice birding day you got even if the weather was bad... To see all these grebes is fantastic! I'd love to see so many of them at the same plcae... Still jealous of your eagles shots ;-)

  2. What a great session you had there. Nice to see Red-necked Grebe so close - just so scarce here. And 50 or 60 Black-necked Grebe is quite a tally. Like the trio phot.

  3. Great to get so close to so many grebes. Ususlly difficult for me to do so.

  4. I'm here for the first time.
    Your blog is absolutely interesting.
    Thank you for sharing these pictures.


  5. WOWW Great shots of the Red-necked Grebe!
    I'd love to have both Red-necked and Black-necked here in Beppu.
    I'm tired of Great Crested Grebe...

  6. Hi Stuart!
    Im back to blogging (hopefully) and trying to catch up with all my blog reading... looong time!
    Nice pics, and don't worry, Spring will bring you awesome birds to go after :)

  7. Hi Mel, glad to have you back, yes spring will come soon. I'll remind myself of that as I watch the snow fall outside!!!!


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