24 February 2017

On this day (February 24th).....................

February 24th 2014.

A Stellers Sea Eagle on the drift ice off Rausu 3 years ago today.

We had a wonderful day on the boat and I took a lot of photos, you can see them here. Like the cranes at Akan it is a tad contrived (the boat crew toss fish out onto the ice for the eagles to come close) but still a great experience.

I heard the last 2 winters (which have been very mild) didn't see so much drift ice and these boat trips haven't been able to go out much (or even at all)...............we were lucky in 2014.


  1. Stunning photos - pity about the ice more recently

    1. Actually I know someone who went recently and there was some ice this year after all.......


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