15 February 2017

A tame one................

A tame Hawfinch in one of the local parks yesterday................

There was a flock of about 10 of them but they were (as usual with this species) very shy and difficult to approach. Occasionally however I've found you get the odd tame one and here I got lucky.

Usually they are high up in the trees or on the ground far off in the shade. Not this one, it was at a very nice angle in very good light.

As I have said previously, Hawfinches are not rare at all in Japan and consequently local birders don't seem very interested in them.

It seemed to be enjoying whatever seed that is..................

The park was otherwise pretty quiet. A few Bramblings and the usual tits, woodpeckers and nuthatches. There were loads of Coal Tits coming down to the ground to feed on something............


  1. I like that - "local birders aren't interested in them". A massive draw around here but to see one two the nearest are south Lakeland.

  2. Wonderful Hawfinch images...as you say difficult to see in the UK still - but did so in Jan at Lynford Wood in the Brecks which has seen roosts this year late pm of over 50 birds...but high up in Conifers so difficult to photograph

    1. Thanks for the comment Tony.

      50 sounds like the entire UK population!

  3. Nice to get the one co-operative bird - no Hawfinches here this winter.

    1. They must all be here then. Loads this winter.........


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