28 February 2017

A sunny Monday in late February #1

Monday was very bright and sunny this week............

We started off in Onuma. It was pretty cold (about minus 15) and the lake was frozen, only a tiny patch of water remained. A few Mallards, a couple of Smew and a Great Crested Grebe were there and there was also a briefly seen Mountain Hawk Eagle nearby.

Up in Yakumo it was very quiet, just 3 eagles (including 1 Stellers) at the bridge and none close enough to bother photographing, There were eagles scattered up and down the coast like this one.

It was too bright (!) to photograph gulls but here is a semi-interesting one.

The yellowish legs show it is a 'Tamiyr' Gull, maybe or maybe-not species or stable hybrid or something.

Not much else around. Smew at Yakumo, a few Whooper Swans and Great Egrets here and there.

We headed back to the place where we'd seen the Asian Rosy Finches. They weren't there but we did see this male Long-tailed Duck..............

This is the first time I'd seen one in this location.

It was in nice light at least.......................

Repetitive I know.


  1. Great pictures and pretty nice gull ID. I'm working on my gulls.

    1. Thanks Russell, gull ID can get pretty nasty...........

  2. Hello Stuart!:) Thank you for your visit, after which I turned to my books again, and realized you are right in your ID.It is a female Pied Flycatcher. It lacks the larger white patch on the primaries, close to the edge of the wing of the Collared Flycatcher. They are similar though!:)

    The Long-tailed Duck is pretty, with it's sweet little face, and elegant upturned tail. Lovely photos as usual.

    1. Thanks for the comment..........

      I think Collared are more common in central and eastern Europe and Pied is more common in the west.


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