22 January 2017

Another grey Sunday

Awful weather this morning....................

Blizzards, then sleet, then hail, then thunder and lightning...............now at the end of the afternoon it is even sunny (kind of).

A quick look at Onuma revealed the pair of White-tailed Eagles (above). You can really see the size difference between the male and female. Not much else around, the Falcated Ducks appear to have gone although there were still some Smew. The light was dreadful................

A Grey Heron from Onuma.

On the coast the weather was even worse. A few common winter birds only such as Scaup, Red-breasted Merganser, Goldeneye, Goosander, Black Scoter and Brent Goose were on the sea or in the harbours. A Japanese Cormorant was even sporting breeding plumage, isn't that a tad early?

2 more common species: Black-necked Grebe and Black Kite.


  1. You have great powers of perseverance Stu. Seems your weather is mostly worse than our own. Spring is on the way.


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