1 May 2010

Golden Week 2010 #1

Golden Week (a 5 day holiday in Japan) began today and we visited Onuma in the afternoon. The Nuthatches were still tame but looking very very scruffy, it must be spring moult time.

Some Marsh Tits and Great Tits were also around.

Not many summer migrants in evidence at Onuma, some Swallows and Bush Warblers but that was about all. We went to a small pond nearby and it was very reminiscent of the UK. Coot, Moorhen, Grey Heron and these 2 species: Little Grebe and Kingfisher. It was a bit dark and the Kingfisher pic is a very heavy crop.

Earlier in the day we checked Kamiso, not much on the sea at all, here's a summer plumage Black Headed Gull which always feels a bit exotic here in Hokkaido.

I saw another birder here who said he saw a Little Gull (very rare in Japan) 10 years ago in this exact same place....................

We passed through the ricefields in Ono on the way to Onuma. They haven't been irrigated yet and the ditches don't have many reeds in either. Still a few Siberian Stonechat, Reed Bunting and lots of Skylark were about.

I doubt Liverpool will still be in with a shout of 4th place tomorrow but you never know.........

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By the way if you're curious as to how I get so close to the Nuthatches here's the answer.

We cheat.


  1. You really have some very nice photos on your blog. I was especially fascinated by them since they look so much like some of the birds we have here in Ohio.

    Really nice shots in this post. I also admired some of your earlier posts.

    I live in Brookville, Ohio and am an old man at 75 and have been married to the same lady for 55 years. Got 5 adult children, and three are past 50.

    I began taking photos in 1953 when I was in the service stationed in Japan. I have been at it ever since.

    My problem with digital images is that I can take 100 to 500 in one sitting trying to get that perfect image of a bird doing something nobody else has ever seen before. I think I got at least one.

    This one shows a young grackle being fed and the youngster is showing his teeth.

    Go to My Birds Blog to see it.


    Thanks for the visit.

    I was in Hokkaido several times in 1953 and 1954.

  2. I really like that Kingfisher pic!
    It has some pretty composition and colours.
    Too bad my university doesn't offer a Golden Week, so I still have to go to classes everyday, while the city is empty cos everyone seems to be traveling to other places.

  3. Thanks for the comments.

    Actually Abe you used to visit here, thanks for coming back.

    Unravel, I have no sympathy considering the absurdly long vacations universities usually have.

  4. Those nuthatches are cool. Our Velvet-fronted Nuthatch tend to stay quite high up whenever I find them, so I doubt I will be able to lure one like that. I know you don't take 20-20 seriously, but are you at least following the England matches? Saw the ENG-WI match - Eoin Morgan was great again.

  5. I may try and watch if they play this weekend (but the time difference might make that a little tricky). Both England's games were ruined by the weather so far...........


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