12 May 2010

Red Cheeked Starlings in the rain

It's been a quiet week bird-wise. I was busy at first and then when I had some free time the rain came, it's been raining all day today. This wet looking male Red Cheeked Starling posed well for some photos though, with the poor light we can even see the plumage more clearly.........

Here are a couple of shots from earlier in the week when it wasn't raining.............

They are a common but very photogenic summer visitor, especially in early to mid June when the young leave the nest.

Other stuff this week has included Sakhalin Leaf Warbler and Asian Brown Flycatcher but like I say I haven't been out much.


The end of the Premier League was a bit of an anticlimax, I went to bed at half-time.

I'm enjoying the latest 'Ashes to ashes' series, just wish it wasn't so confusing.


  1. Nice shots Stu. That's a bird I would like to see one day.

  2. Loved the 3rd shot from the top. Hope you will watch the Semi finals today, England vs Sri Lanka.

  3. HI,

    I am from Borneo, same hometown with Horukuru. I will be visiting Japan next week. 17 May to be exact, any advise what is birding like at Ryugusaki and Nakagawa area.
    Will be visiting some friends there.
    My e-mail is at dgullaci@yahoo.co.uk

  4. Hi Denis, i don't really know those places. I think Ryugusaki is in Ibaragi and there are several good birding locations around there, Ukishima, Hinuma and Kotokunuma. You can google them to find more info.......

    In Tokyo you can try Oi Yachi Koen and Yatsu-higata.

    Hi Gallicissa, I'm sure Sri Lanka will win that one.....

  5. Love the top pic. It's a beauty. Got some pics of Chestnut Starlings which seemed ubundant here last weekend.

  6. Thank you for the information. Will check out the places.

    Great blog.


  7. Thanks Denis, sorry I couldn't be more specific, like I say I don't know that part of Japan so well.

    I know someone who often goes to Ukishima and he said it was good for marsh birds. The 2 sites in Tokyo are famous for shorebirds.......

  8. The colors of the male bird looks interesting, especially on the upperparts. Even in the rain, you still managed to get some wonderful shots!

  9. England was too hot for us. Looking forward for an England - Australia finals. It should be a good.


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