29 May 2010

On this day (May 29th)....................

May 29th 2008.

Male Siberian Rubythroat at Monbetsu in north Hokkaido.

We'd actually taken a wrong turn which resulted in a huge huge detour (and a huge huge row in the car too I might add) but when we hit the coast we found a small car park with this individual singing merrily away.

This species is common on autumn passage in Hakodate but is usually very skulking. In north and east Hokkaido it is a common summer visitor.



  1. Fantastic picture Stu and I dont need to tell you what mention of a Siberian Rubythroat can do to people over here.

  2. Hi Phil, actually Hokkaido has a few what would be megas to UK birders, Red Flanked Bluetail, Ancient Murrelet etc. Wilow Warbler is a mega over here though as are Fieldfare and Blackbird!


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