28 May 2010

On this day (May 28th)...................

May 28th 2007.

Peregrine Falcon at Kiritappu in east Hokkaido. Not a bird I often photograph as they tend to fly very fast overhead and disappear before I can get my camera ready.

This one had just killed a White Wagtail and was actually fairly close. It's cropped but was only shot at 133mm meaning that it is reasonably sharp even though it was taken with my old ultra cheap (non APO) Sigma 70-300.

Kiritappu is a cool place. We didn't see the Tufted Puffins (which I hear is very difficult now anyway) but we did see a singing male Siberian Rubythroat, several White Tailed Eagle  and lots of stuff in the bay including a small flock of Falcated Teal.



  1. I've only got a chance to photograph this falcon at close range once few years ago. That bird was feeding on a pigeon on an electric pole.

  2. Good capture. Can't tell the difference whether it was shot through a cheap lens or not.


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