21 May 2010


A Wryneck in Goryokaku Park this morning. It was calling loudly (the call is very similar to a Grey Headed Woodpecker which I thought it was at first). Not a great shot but a nice find and the only migrant of the day.................summer must be coming as it was rather warm and humid too.

I got up early to take a Red Cheeked Starling video and this time I remembered to bring my tripod and the results were much better. If you double click on 'vimeo' you can check the HD version.

In the same tree was this Tree Sparrow. The HD version is quite good, click in the right.

It was a bit foggy/hazy and I aborted plans to catch a ferry to Oma to check out the offshore Pharalope migration. Mt Hakodate was also very misty in the morning so I went to Yunokawa. I could see flocks flying west about 500 meters out, record shots confirmed they were all Red Necked Pharalopes (I couldn't find any Red Pharalopes which would have been a local tick).



  1. Wow the HD video looks wonderful
    And of course the wryneck is a nice find!

  2. Wryneck is a nice find. The only time I heard one call (at Leighton Moss in 19??) it sounded a little like a Common Kestrel calling.

  3. Super photos. I checked out the HD vid too and really liked the detail and depth of field. Nice work.


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