22 April 2010

Spring stuff

A Red Necked Grebe coming into summer plumage. A very dark and cloudy day when I took these.

It's been a little chilly the last few days in Hakodate but the spring birds are starting to arrive.................

In the same place as the grebe I saw my first Swallow of spring and also my first wader.........

The first time I've ever photographed a Common Sandpiper (!).

Migrants were also present on the river near my flat.

This was one of a pair of Red Flanked Bluetails. They didn't come any closer (even the above shot is a crop). This is one of my target species this spring, I have to get a good shot of it. Well, not have to as such but it's a really attractive bird that is common in spring but until now it has been beyond me to get a decent shot of it.

Other migrants included several Japanese Bush Warbler, a male Japanese Thrush, Common Buzzard, Bullheaded Shrike, Grey Wagtail, Siberian Stonechat and Black Faced Bunting. Whilst I was waiting in vain for the Bluetails to come closer a small flock of Coal Tit (presumably migrants too) kept me entertained.

I watched 'Surrogates' the other night. Normally I avoid Bruce Willis movies like the plague but this one wasn't so bad.

I've just been working out the permutations that would see Liverpool finishing 4th. Basically Spurs and City need to lose this weekend (they both have very hard games). City then have to draw against Spurs and Villa. Villa need to draw or (better) lose to B'ham. Bolton need to get a draw at Spurs. Liverpool need to win their 3 remaining games (which includes beating Chelsea). It would help if West Ham and Burnley have something to play for on the last day and Hull don't.

There need to be a lot of results coming together for that to happen.



  1. That's a super picture of the Common Sand Stu. The whole of the bird visible plus nice and sharp. Good idea to leave the timber in the shot.

  2. Also got first pic of C. sand this week. I think Blackpool's chance of getting a play-off place is better than Liverpool's chance of 4th but they will be relying on the result of other teams though. Liverpool will finish above Everton...yet again...one day...



  3. Hi Stu,
    Wow what a nice set of pictures once again. The red flanked bluetail is simply a magnificent bird!!!
    Well Liverpool can still win the Europa league to save the season, so just cross the fingers for that one ;-)

  4. Great serie, as usaul! I really love the Red Flanked Bluetails...i had never seen this bird before ;)

  5. Great series of photos as usual!
    The grebe looks great in its breeding plumage. I really want to see one. And it's really nice to have those coal tits and bluetails in the gardens. Here in Beppu, these birds are found only on high mountains.

  6. Thanks for the comments, yes the Bluetail is a nice bird, hope I can get a bit closer to one this next few weeks........


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