28 April 2010

On this day (April 28th)....................

Black Winged Stilts

April 28th 2006.

A blurry old pic of a pair of Black Winged Stilt at Kamiso 4 years ago. Just after I'd started digiscoping. There were a bit flighty I recall, dunno if I could have done much better with a DSLR. They stuck around for a couple of weeks and I saw another one a couple of weeks later at Onuma. I got very close to that individual and if I'd had my current set-up I could have got some nice pics. Of course I haven't seen one since.............

Probably a regular spring overshoot, I saw several in 2005 in Yakumo for example.



  1. Haven't seen this bird in Japan before, but it's a very common species in Thailand. However, these 2 birds in the picture look very different. I normally see the ones with pure white heads.

  2. This photo looks alright to me. ...And I agree with Unravel, they do look different to the BWSs in Australia too.

  3. Thanks for the comments, I've also seen this species in both Thailand and Australia and yes it does look different, the subspecies here has a dark head......


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