4 April 2010

On this day (April 4th)....................

April 4th 2008.

Avocet at Marshside, Southport UK.

Lots of interesting birds have become more common in NW England since I lived there. This species is one of them, I can't believe how common they've become. Ditto Little Egret of course and now I believe Cettis Warbler has spread up north too.
There were lots of Avocets at Marshside. It would have been a rare and exotic bird when I was a regular visitor in the early to mid 80's.

Even near my parents' house there was new stuff on my last visit. Common Buzzard and Nuthatch were both recent colonists. What next?

Very nice clear weather the last 2 or 3 days in Hakodate but not many birds at all, today would have been great at Onuma and Shikabe.....................if we had a car that is.

Last year on this weekend the Black Necked Grebes were showing very well in the harbour in Shikabe. We should have a car sorted by next weekend, hope the Grebes will still be hanging around. If I can persuade my wife to drive me there................



  1. I thought for a mo you had found an Avocet near you. They are not entirely popular here though - too agressive is the usual complaint. I remember finding one in the 80s at Pilling on 1st April - everyone thought it a April Fool joke at the time. Just a pioneer.

  2. Avocet is a good bird to see in Sri Lanka where it visits North more frequently. Do you happen to IPL? Some England players seem to do well in it.

  3. Hi Gallicissa, I'm not such a big 20-20 fan, I prefer test matches to be honest. Avocets are pretty rare in japan, I'd imagine very much so up in Hokkaido.......

    Hi Phil, I saw them the first time in the NW on my last visit home, can't believe how many there are now........

  4. 8 Avocet reported a Leighton Moss today I drove right passed!! There were 3 reported at Brockholes Wetland (Preston) last year a bit nearer your old patch, hoping to see them again this year as long as the dog walkers don't scare them off again.


  5. Stu - for a moment there I thought you'd taken the photo I should have had yesterday...but I forgot to take the camera...dohhhh that'll teach me to change coats at the last minute. You'll be thrilled to know the pied things are all over the shop up this way now - can't hardly move for them!!!



  6. That's one classic example of conservation!
    Its population is also increasing worldwide, I guess
    Since there's been more and more reports from Thailand and the species was just discovered within the last few years.


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